Participatory Program

A Day Spent at “Kikifukuan,”
an Old Japanese-Style House

A regeneration project intended to recapture the wisdom and ways of living of our predecessors, “Kikifukuan” is an old Japanese-style house erected 120 years ago that has been renovated and modernized with each passing era. Experience for yourself what it is like to live in this old home, where you will sense the sagacity passed down since times of old in the warmth and comfort created in this house as it changed its shape day by day. Learn about a cycle of life invisible to the eyes and the ways of living cultivated over time by our ancestors.

Program Date
Saturday, October 10, 2020
Program Capacity
10 participants
Cost to Participate
Free of Charge
Program Venue
340-1 Kobukuro, Iiizuka-shi, Fukuoka (Japanese)

As capacity for the program has been filled, applications are no longer being accepted. We plan on streaming scenes from the program on the day it’s conducted. Please join us online as we spend time in an old-style Japanese house. Go here for our official Instagram account. → @munakataeco


Old-Style Living Experience
Using Traditional Dried Bonito Flakes

9:30 AM Local rendezvous

  • Orientation (Explanation of “living fullness” and information on Kikifukuan)
  • Training to prepare the venue (Becoming familiar with the meaning of maintenance and cleanup)
  • “Mind fullness,” tea time and a recap
  • Training with rice made in a traditional oven, dried bonito flakes, pickles and more
  • Meal
  • Cleanup and a recap

2:00 PM Questionnaire, souvenirs and dispersal whenever convenient

We plan on broadcasting the program live on our official Instagram account,
and look forward to your participation in this experience online.

The 10 Rules of Practicing “Living Fullness” at Kikifukuan

  1. Feel the warmth of life.
  2. Savor the benevolent connection with others.
  3. Co-exist with the cycle of nature.
  4. Adjust your mood and make yourself feel both physically and mentally comfortable.
  5. Turn your attention to the existence of others’ help.
  1. Revive your five or six senses through introspection.
  2. Become familiar with the thinking in your surroundings to deepen those surroundings.
  3. Enjoy the blessings and purification of the classical elements of wind, water, earth and fire.
  4. Place priority on the process, not the result.
  5. Enjoy the outlook of “hardship giving way to happiness and vice-versa” and “joy and sorrow being today and tomorrow.”
Participatory Program

A Day Spent at “Kikifukuan,”
an Old Japanese-Style House

How to Make a Reservation

Please apply by sending an email containing
(1) through (5) below.

  • (1) “Request to Apply for ‘A Day Spent at Kikifukuan’” as the subject
  • (2) Your name
  • (3) Number of participants
    (Applications for up to 2 people can be submitted simultaneously.)
  • (4) Foods you are allergic to
  • (5) Your mobile phone number
メールアイコンNo more reservations are being accepted.
  • Your reservation will be confirmed once we have sent you a reply. (Reply emails are sent out regularly, though they make take several days.)
  • Only individuals who have made a reservation in advance may participate.
  • Reservations will no longer be accepted once capacity has been reached.
  • Only apply to participate if you are capable of being punctual for the local rendezvous on the day of the program.
  • To cancel a reservation, please contact us no later than 3 days prior to the program date.
  • We plan on broadcasting scenes from the program live, which means cameras will be present. Please only apply to participate if you consent to this.